Premiering in New York on April 19, 2011, HPNG Entrepreneurs will deliver answers to the business issues faced by entrepreneurs.

Like all business owners, entrepreneurs face challenges with sales, marketing, financing, staffing and a host of other issues. Building on the success of HPNG networking events, HPNG Entrepreneur events will deliver live, one-on-one interviews with successful entrepreneurs and government officials. We’ll discuss business strategies, sales and marketing and ask our guest speakers to share best practices and learn how they overcame their business challenges.

After the interview, attendees can network and service providers can showcase their products or services by way of exhibits and a learning theatre. This learning theatre allows exhibitors to deliver a 3-minute elevator pitch to the audience about their product or service.

Produced and executed with you in mind, whether you’re an entrepreneur, consultant or a business owner, these networking events are a high quality, highly engaging opportunity for you to learn how to grow your businesses and showcase your products or services to a like-minded audience.


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