In July 2008, the 1st Annual HPNG Latino Leadership Conference demonstrated how leadership extends beyond the corporate world and how Latino leaders are transforming the Hispanic community.

The 2nd Annual HPNG Latino Leadership Conference is focused on taking a look at how we are developing the pipeline of future Latino leaders. Just like before, this conference will have a pragmatic focus on the unique leadership needs and strengths of Latino leaders and will do so in an inclusive style, which is the leadership legacy of Latino-Americans.

This conference focuses on two separate audiences, those searching and developing talent; recruiters, HR departments, corporate leadership development divisions and corporate professionals looking for best practices on how to develop and manage their careers in a new millennium.

Designed by, developed for and presented by Latinos, this event is an opportunity for Latino executives to help build an inclusive business leadership pipeline, and to develop Latino corporate leaders, one executive at a time. Latino leaders will showcase the leadership styles, methods along with strategies from multi-cultural recruitment professionals who will share their perspective “from the inside” of what companies are doing to keep the Latino talent pipeline growing.


DEVELOPING THE TALENT PIPELINE: Building a Foundation and Keeping the Culture
What are key elements in developing high-potential leaders? Learn from two distinct academic programs focused on building the Latino talent pipeline and the strategies for leadership development. You will get an inside look at how two of the country’s premier Latino leadership training institutes develop the talent infrastructure from a middle-management starting point.

Serving on Boards to Develop Your Leadership Skills
There is a difference between “sitting” on a board and “serving” on one. The latter gives you the opportunity to grow your professional network and gives you access and exposure at the C-levels of companies and organizations. But how can you acquire the skills to be seen as a viable candidate and be invited to serve on a board? And once you’re there, what are the skills necessary to be an effective board member? What criteria are used to select them in the first place? We will hear from two experts in the field who will share their insight on these questions. You will understand why “serving” on a board may be the best game plan for your career yet.

MENTORED: To Be or Not To Be?
This session will discuss strategies for developing and maintaining mentoring and sponsorship relationships. Conexión will examine different mentor and sponsor relationships and techniques; show you how to evaluate your own mentor relationships and learn how to best work with mentors to make the relationships more effective, how to develop your own mentorship capabilities and identify ways of working with sponsors within your organization. To round out all this wealth of information, we will gain insight from a senior level executive that has mentored high-potential talent and learn how they were mentored to success.

Corporate Recruiting and Leadership Development: A Look from the Inside
A development session for HR professionals, leadership development officers and corporate and outside recruiters. Learn best practices from the corporate leaders that are getting it right. How to recruit, develop and retain high-potential Latino professionals. Find out what the crucial do’s and don’ts are when working with outside recruiters and staffing agencies when scouting for Latino talent.

STEPPING UP: How Professional Organizations are Delivering Results to Their Members
You need the right tool for the right job. The trick, of course, is to find the right tool. Professional organizations have developed their own set of tools to serve their membership. These programs develop leadership skills, mentoring guidelines and networking follow-up methods. Three premier professional organizations will showcase their “tools” and explain what works and why. What can we learn from the various approaches that have been implemented? How is the success of these programs

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The Honorable Robert Menendez, United States Senator for New Jersey

  • Dora Maria Abreu, National Board Member and Regional Vice President, SHPE
  • Nicolas Aguzin, Chief Executive Officer, Investment Bank Latin America, JPMorgan Chase
  • Phyllis Barajas, Executive Director, Conexión
  • Kelly Bean, Assistant Dean, Anderson School of Management Executive Education, UCLA
  • Ray Celaya, Major USA-Ret, Interim President, National Hispanic Corporate Council
  • Manny Correia, Founder, Inclusive Coaching
  • Mariela Dabbah, Author, Speaker
  • Rosanna M. Durruthy, CEO & Founder, ÆQUUS Group
  • Jorge Ferraez, Publisher, Latino Leaders Magazine
  • Ruth Gaviria, Vice President, Hispanic Ventures, Meredith Corporation
  • Liliana Gil, Managing Director, Acento Group
  • Daniel R. Guadalupe, Esq., President & Co-Founder, PRIMER
  • Stuart Jara, Board of Directors, National Society of Hispanic MBAs (SHMBA)
  • Robert Martinez, Manager of Diversity & Inclusion, Princeton University
  • Frank X. McCarthy, Founder, Diverse Workplace Inc.
  • Mary Medina, Executive Director, Center for Trustee Initiatives and Recruitment, Greater New York Hospital Association
  • Carlos Orta, President and CEO, HACR
  • Maritza Puello, Executive Editor, NY1 Noticias
  • Jean-Paul Renard, President, Distinctive Personnel
  • Hector Perez, National President, ALPFA
  • Robert Rodriguez, PhD, Director - Kaplan Center for Corporate Learning, Kaplan University
  • Kenneth Roldan, Chief Executive Officer, Wesley, Brown & Bartle Company Inc.
  • Juan Guillermo Tornoe, Founder and Senior Consultant, Hispanic Trending
  • Alfred Torres, Vice President, Human Resources, Verizon


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