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A Letter from the Conference Chairman, Dr. Robert Rodriguez
Dear Colleague:

The 2nd Annual HPNG Latino Leadership Conference is focused on taking a refreshing look at how we are developing the pipeline of future Latino leaders. Just like last year, this conference will have a pragmatic focus on the unique leadership needs and strengths of Latino leaders and will do so in an inclusive style, which is the leadership legacy of Latino-Americans.

This conference is designed by, developed for and presented by Latinos. This event is an opportunity for Latino executives to help build an inclusive business leadership pipeline, and to develop Latino corporate leaders, one executive at a time. This conference also provides a rare occasion for the Latino community to step up to the challenge of developing our own by providing insights that will enhance the professional, personal, and intellectual skills necessary to excel in the corporate arena.

The historic election of President Obama brought the discussion of diversity and inclusion to the forefront. However, his gains won’t be replicated in the C-levels of corporate America by Latinos until we recognize the strengths, success, contributions and impact of Latino leaders. To achieve this goal demands that the community unite to help guide and coach high-potential Latino leaders on how to achieve stellar performance.

Corporate America and the business community desperately want to tap into the Latino talent pool. Yet too many barriers still remain preventing Latino executives from attaining the C-level ranks in high numbers. Successful development takes time, commitment and direction. This is why the 2nd Annual HPNG Latino Leadership Conference concentrates on helping develop and sustain a multi-generational pipeline of talented and high-achieving Latino professionals.

Join me and other leaders at this one-day event where we’ll be guiding, teaching and paving the road to expand the horizons of hundreds of Latinos.

It is you, the pipeline of future Latino leaders, who in turn will continue to enrich your companies and your communities.

Robert Rodriguez, PhD
Assistant Dean & Director of the Center for Corporate Learning
Kaplan University